Welcome to the world of ChickenDiapers.com, a clean
place for chickens and their humans to sit!
So you are looking for something to catch the recycled food
coming out of the backside of a chicken.  You are afraid your
friends and relatives think you have a screw loose.  Well, fear no
more!  You are in the company of a steadily growing number of
people who have discovered the joys of birdy companionship
outside AND inside your home.  With so many of us, we can't all
be wrong.

How we got started:

It all started back in 2002, when some friends and I decided we
were tired of cleaning the carpet and scooping the poop, but
didn't want to give up our beloved little friends to the cold cruel
world.  I like to design things, so when I started making noises
about a chicken diaper, my friends decided that they would give
me an extra incentive to come up with a workable design - they
started giving me orders for diapers even before I was ready to
make them for other people.  Most of us do not have a money
tree growing in the yard, so I decided to make diapers for the
chickens and their people as reasonably as possible.  So here it
is, Chicken Diapers custom-made in assorted colors and sizes for
less than a wing and a claw.
We are open M-F regular working days.  If you happen to write us on a
weekend or holiday, we will reply as soon as we are open again!
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