Welcome to
Infinite Chickens
We all love to see our little feathered friends, so what could possibly be better than
ogling pictures of our little buddies?  Why, pictures of our little buddies ogling other
little buddies and so on and so forth.  After all, chickens are creatures of a flock.  If
you have a picture you would like to add, please email
me, TeddyRoo.  All submissions
must follow the format to fit the theme of this page.  It's not necessary, but if you
can, please tell how your chicken relates to the previous chicken.
Our first picture was taken by Housechickens member Lily, who for a time was foster
mom to a fiesty little roo named Piggy.  Piggy was a much-loved and well-cared-for
member of a family until misfortune came upon the household.  It was a tale of woe as
to why Piggy needed a foster home, but he needed and Lily provided.  As you can see,
Piggy was happy there, and Lily caught him in a quintessential moment of chickenness
when he is gazing with adoration at the SunMaid Raisin lady.

Drum roll, if you please, for the one that started it all:
Piggy Contemplating the SunMaid
Chicken number 2

Aunt Shorty Pining for Piggy
her love
For a large version of this
picture, go
If you would like your feathered buddy to be a part of Infinite Chickens, go to the large version
of the last picture and take an electronic picture of your little buddy looking at the picture.  
Email it to
me, and I'll see to it that it gets posted!
Chicken number 3

Pretty little lady Baby Blue
checking out Aunt Shorty .
Chicken number 4

Stompy can't seem to get
enough of Baby Blue - he
keeps opening more windows.
Chicken number 5

Little Bit the pretty
speckled hen looking at
Stompy.  Oh what is a girl
to do?

Delta has decided that he
likes to look at Little Bit