Friends of the Flock
This is the place for cool links, for people who actively support the idea that chickens
can be affectionate and loyal companions.  If you feel funny ordering chicken diapers,
come check these sites out!   You will not feel so alone after all.
Housechickens - a friendly group of people who chat about the unique experience of having a
chicken(s) owning you.  They have a very nice deposit of knowledge in their files, not strictly
limited to chickens.  
BrownEggBlueEgg - a wonderful website which contains a lot of information about many
aspects of raising chickens.  The site also specializes in silkies and araucanas.  You will not
believe how beautiful some of the birds are on the website!
Awesome Silkie Bantam Chat - a group of people devoted to the idea of raising healthy happy
birds.  This group supports the idea that silkies, regardless of whether they are strictly
pets or award-winning birds, should be allowed to experience some of the more normal things
in life.
Chicken Art - this website sells clothing and items for around the house with a chicken
theme, featuring the artwork of Cindy Ryan, a successful eBay artist.  Really cool art! and
items from the whimsical to the practical.  Definitely worth checking out for that unique gift
for someone who has everything, or treat yourself!
Poultry Garments - Custom Designer Chicken Saddles, aprons, other garments for fun and
function, Marion LoPrinzi does it all!  She also has a large variety of pet related items
available:  wholesome pet treats, decorations, and useful items decorated with a pet theme.
Pasado's Safe Haven - chickens and many other animals do not have the benefit of a kind and
caring human.  See what this place is doing and what you can do to help.
Fallen Chickens - a yahoo
forum for those people who
have cared for or are
actively caring for birds
who are lucky enough to
escape from
Farm Sanctuary - Farm Sanctuary works to end cruelty to farm animals and promotes
compassionate living through rescue, education and advocacy. We envision a world where the
violence that animal agriculture inflicts upon people, animals and the environment has ended,
and where instead we exercise values of compassion.
Pet Expectations - this place has all kinds of cool stuff for four-legged and two-legged
creatures.  This covers just about every critter !!  Great stuff for stocking stuffers, or for
that special gift for a very special little friend!
Coops and cages from the Land Down Under! - providing safe, comfortable homes
for your pets. is a not-for-profit growing national movement inspiring Australians to
discover the joy and unconditional love a rescue pet brings. We believe there is a
home for every rescue pet and enough love to save every life.  Driven by this
belief, we created the PetRescue website and embraced social media to give