Is the bird slender or round (overall, not just in regard to breed):
Age and breed:
If the bird is not at least 6 months old, it may not have reached
its full size.  Do you want to order a diaper with "growing room"?
Colors:  prints have a quarter in the picture for size comparison.  Shading may
appear slightly different due to a different monitor.
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before placing your order.  All transactions are in US dollars.
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Measure on the back of the bird down the spine
snugly, as if you are measuring for undergarments.  
NOT add room for feathers.  Start from where
the wing joins the body (Point A) to where the tail
knob joins the body (Point B, where the "joint" is
located when the bird wiggles its tail), and continue

down to the vent (Point C where the
droppings come out).  Do
NOT measure tail feathers.
Prints are limited
Click on the prints to see the large image.
Sky Blue
Royal Blue
Dark Pink
Backyard Birds
Brown Flowers
Brown Trees
Peaceful Hands
Red Acid
Purple Flowers
with heart
Pink Heart
Fire Flower
Pink Gingham
Pink Brown
Red Abstract
Pink Flowers
Pink Tiger
Purple Lovely
Forest Green

Not Pictured:
Roos and Hens
Autumn Leaves 1
Purple Flowers
Butterfly Blue
Butterfly Green
Fishing Lures
Hearts on Purple
Add both measurements together =
total measurement

up to and including 8 inches (21 cm):  $9.00
8+ inches to and including 11 inches (28 cm):  $11.50
11+ inches to and including 16 inches (41 cm):  $14.00
More than 16 inches:  please
email for quote

Because many of our customers maintain closed flocks, NO RETURNS ARE
.  If you are not sure if you have measured correctly, please
state the breed, whether it is a standard or bantam, or email me.
Color               Measurements    how many    Unit Price     Price
A-B    B-C
Bird 1

Bird 2

Bird 3

Bird 4
Alternate color if first choice is not available: *
Shipping and handling within the US:

up to $23.00................. $4.00
$23.01 - $40.00............ $4.50
$40.01 - $65.00.. ......... $6.50
$65.01 + ....................10% of subtotal
Shipping and Handling
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  • Check or money order:  there is no waiting period or fee for money orders.  There is a
7 day waiting period for checks to clear, and a $35 fee for any returned checks.  

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Orders are shipped within 2 weeks from the time payment is received.
Is your bird a "low-rider", meaning its legs are very short for its height?  
Examples of low-riders are Japanese bantams.  Silkies and other bantams
usually are not low-riders. In the dog world, dachshunds are low-riders.