Welcome to the world of ChickenDiapers.com, a clean
place for chickens and their humans to sit!
Chickendiapers has been in business for going on twelve years.  During this
time, I've made many friends, shared laughter and tears with so many who
wanted to share the lives of their little feathered friends with me and the
world.  Originally, the company was started so I could enable people to allow
their feathered friends into their homes at an affordable price, and at some
point make their lives a little better.  It has come full circle - starting June 9,
2014, I will no longer be accepting orders for retail sales.  I will continue to
provide full service to 501 C3 rescue organizations and those who are caring
for disabled birds.  If you are seeking garments for such an organization or are
caring for a disabled bird, please email
me.   It's been grand hearing about
your stories, and feeling the triumphs, and also the sadness of losing a beloved
pet.  Thank you to each and every one of you for opening your hearts and your
homes to these beautiful creatures.